What race and class do you think I’d be in Dragon Age?

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But can we see Cullen’s ass? Literally everyone in the Cullen fandom now when reminded the romance cut-scenes will be “tasteful.”  (via beyonceofwesteros)


Me, the morning after with Cullen:


  • Cassandra: You walked out of the Fade, and our soldiers found you. The only one to escape a blast that killed thousands. And you have no idea how you survived?
  • Inquisitor: Fuck it, Cassandra, I was just in the epicenter of the mother fucking Fade tearing right open and have a mysterious glowing green hand, and you want to interrogate me right here?
  • Cassandra: *Draws sword* At this moment, you are the only threat I see!
  • Inquisitor: We haven't even finished with the opening cut scenes and you're already threatening me!
  • Inquisitor: .....
  • Inquisitor: .....
  • Inquisitor: We'll bang, OK?